Monday, September 30, 2013

GenCon 2013 - Dust & Dropzone Commander

Given it's been a month and a half since GenCon, those people interested in Dust and Dropzone Commander are no doubt already aware of these upcoming releases and have seen pictures of the models on the net themselves. But out of all of the miniatures that I encountered for the first time at the convention, these are the ones I drooled over the most (though the Internet and it's tendency to render little a surprise no doubt contributed to this sparse list).

Dust is one of those lines of figures, like Heavy Gear, that call to me enough that I find myself picking up a random model here and there, even though I know I have no opponent for the game. There's just something about their take on the "Weird WWII" genre and specifically the designs of their walkers that grabs me, and this future batch looks to be more of the same. The walker version of the Stummel I think is particularly inspired looking.

Monday, September 09, 2013

GenCon 2013 - Ogre Unboxing

For better than a year now, I've been eagerly awaiting receipt of my copy of one of the largest Kickstarter fund-raisers - OGRE Designer's Edition. Though I had never played the game before, I was as peripherally aware of it as any gamer my age and knew of its "cultural" significance, and the Designer's Edition evoked a certain amount of nostalgia in me, not for the game itself, but for the period in gaming that it represented. Coupled with what looked to be some pretty impressive components, this game became one of the first of the numerous successful Kickstarters on whose bandwagon I would jump.