Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Scarlet Letter

"Good lord, what is that?" Anybody who knows me would likely find that to be a particulary apt question when finding that block letter monstrosity adorning MY blog. Afterall, I'm a third generation Spartan. I own season tickets to Spartan Stadium. A miniature green and white football helmet dangles from my rear view mirror.

But the time has come to announce to the world (or whoever happens upon this blog), that I will be joining the ranks of that most respected - and reviled - academic institution, the University of Michigan. And that block M is going to be something that I'll have to get used to seeing everywhere I turn.

But I swear, if anybody should see me in any maize and blue garb other that a School of Information t-shirt, please jolt my loyalties back into alignment with a thorough dousing in the Red Cedar.