Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Such a Loser

Four months. A third of a year. And no posts. Such a loser. Nothing like the depression and heartbreak of an ended relationship, the ensuing personal introspection, and the impending summer convention season to get me back into the swing of things though. As I did last summer, I intend to use my blog as a personal motivator towards getting some painting done. Of course, my Ann Arbor apartment doesn't have nearly the same facilities for my preferred painting setup, so we'll see how that goes.

I can't much start writing a painting blog without determining what I am going to paint, can I? No ma'am. Seeing as how I've recently piled up most of my figures for sale on eBay, keeping only a handful of figures that I either have gaming plans for or simply wanted to paint, my options this year were far more restricted. Additionally, as my target painting competition is the professional painter-dominated GenCon competition, I also knew that I had to pick entries that were in less popular categories. Afterall, at this point painting a figure for entry into the single figure category might as well be just painting that figure to sit on your shelf. Thus, the unit/squad and machines of war categories are where I'm probably going to target, with a large figure or two hopefully fit in there.

In something of a blend of these two categories, though definitely a squad entry, I will be painting up a squad of Dream Pod 9's Peace River heavy gears. I have always loved the Heavy Gear universe and the imagery of its figures, and the new Heavy Gear Blitz rules really grabbed ahold of me at last year's GenCon - which, incidentally, is where I picked this squad up. Yeah, I don't paint very fast, or very often. As I intend on playing Blitz in the future (one of the few minis games I am keeping) I'll also get a functional set of painted miniatures out of it. For now, these models are nothing but loose pieces of unassembled metal. Hopefully by the weekend I'll have assembled, and maybe even primed, pictures. In the meantime, if I happen to come across any other ideas for competition entries, I'll be sure to throw them up, for "someone" to give feedback on.