Friday, August 13, 2010

The GenCon Loot

I've been back for nearly a week already and still haven't posted a picture or story from this year's GenCon. In brief (far, far too brief), it was simply fantastic. One of the best of the 18 GenCons I've attended. Hopefully I'll get around to posting more about why that was the case.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with some pics of this year's exhibitor haul (get it?):

As opposed to last year, this year's purchases were a bit more focused. The new Malifaux expansion book, the new Arcanist starter set (Colette), the new plastic Malifaux fate deck, and the special, GenCon-only, super-sized Lord Chompy Bits were first day purchases. Reaper Miniatures was also an early shopping destination as I wanted to pick up their con only figure, the new League of Justice & Caeke (not a misspelling according to them) character, and the 10-pack of Mouseling Heroes. Yes, a flood of miniature cuteness.

I also hit a few of my other GenCon regulars, including Dream Pod 9, from which I purchased the latest two campaign books and a blister pack of trucks to use as game objectives. From Days of Wonder I picked up the Eastern Front, Terrain, and Campaign Book expansions for Memoir '44, as I continue to enjoy that game more and more. From Open Design/Kobold Quarterly I grabbed the Sunken Empires and Imperial Gazetteer books. I've supported these guys for some time now as a patron of their various open design role-playing projects (currently a sponsor of the Streets of Zobeck Pathfinder adventure anthology written by the talented Ben McFarland), but they produce generally great stuff. If you're into RPGs at all, particularly D&D 4E or Pathfinder, check them out. Finally I grabbed Dwarven Dig from Bucephalus Games. This is another great manufacturer, this time of board games of a wide-ranging variety of subjects, level of geekiness, and complexity - i.e. they make some great stuff that you could even play with your non-hobby gamer significant other/friends/family.

The pictures above and below are of some of the cooler handouts I managed to snag at GenCon. The deck of cards was a giveaway from Open Design/Kobold Quarterly and each card is adorned with a person, game, company, etc. iconic to the gaming industry. Neat for those of us interested in the lore of our hobby. The baggied figure is the Wyrd miniatures giveaway for purchases of over $100, Nurse Miss Pack. Considering I play Resurrectionists in Malifaux, another nurse is always welcome. Below we have some giveaways from FFG's new WWWII game, Dust Tactics. The decal sheet and one figure were give to each person who played in a demo (I snagged the German character), but the walker was a prize for only those who played their demo on the side that happened to win more games over the weekend. Fortunately I was on the side of the Axis, so this bay boy came home with me. I can't say that I'm overly impressed with the game, but the figures sure are pretty.