Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Waaagh for the holidays!

For I believe the second consecutive year, the weekly miniatures gaming group that I occasionally manage to meet up is running their Christmas paint exchange event.  It sees each of the participants randomly drawing the name of a fellow club member for which they will paint one of three figures provided by that member.  The idea being that the recipient doesn't know which of their figures you are painting.

The three figures I was presented were the Malifaux Bete Noire, a Warhammer orc standard bearer, and this Warhammer goblin boss on a giant squig.  Thinking that Bete Noire was simple enough that it wouldn't be much of a present, and not wanting to try my hand at some free hand on the orc's standard, I opted to work on the goblin. Since we're exchanging figures tomorrow, I think it's probably safe to show him off here now without spoiling the surprise. The flash has accentuated a glossy effect that isn't really on the actual model and the base has been left untouched as the recipient requested, but I hope he's happy with the final product!