Monday, August 11, 2014

Awakened from a Millennia of Slumber

Perhaps it's only been four months, but that might as well be a millennia in the blogging world and it was an appropriate title for these servants of the Great Old One, Cthulhu.

Obligatory crappy cellphone picture
These figures, from the RAFM Miniatures Call of Cthulhu line, were painted as part of the demo force for a friend's new game system, premiering in beta form at this year's GenCon later this week.  I'll hopefully have more to say about that system in the near future.

I'll be honest, I was unaware that RAFM even still existed until these figures were sent to me to paint.  In the late 90s I loved the company, primarily because they produced the first run of Heavy Gear figures, and even carried my keys on a keychain with a massive metal RAFM-logo fob hanging from it.  Since then they seemed to pretty much disappear from the radar, or at least my radar, so I was shocked to see a catalog full of some great old, as well as really slick new, sculpts.  Nearly universally they're all pretty simple, clean sculpts, like these fishmen here, unadorned with layers of fiddly bits.  While I love me some fiddly bits on figures, these were an absolute blast to paint.  If you're interested check out RAFM here.

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