Thursday, July 26, 2007

2 1/2 Weeks and Counting

While I've always been guilty of procrastinating on my GenCon painting competition entries, I think I'm being particularly bad this year. After planning out a number of entries aimed at targeting those categories that seem to receive the least attention - unit, large model and vehicle - I find myself with enough time to only work on an entry for the most competitive of categories - single figure. The lucky model is a Totanem hero from Crocodile Games' Wargods of Aegyptus range. I painted one a little while ago, also to be a GenCon entry, and enjoyed the process so much I figured I'd try my hand at another one. This time around I think I'm going to try for a light brown, sandstone type color, but we'll so how that goes as the paint goes on. Hopefully by tomorrow night I'll have some basecoat pictures up (properly lighted and with a backdrop of course), as a trip to Nashville this weekend means no painting will be getting done.

Monday, July 09, 2007

To Columbus and Back

So Saturday was a whirlwind trip to Columbus and back to drop in on the Origins gaming convention. A number of my friends - Tom, Jeff, Mark - were already there, having taken the time off to attend all four days of the con, but my work schedule and the amount of time I'll be taking in late July and through August didn't afford me the same option. So instead I was up at the crack of 4:30 and didn't get back to AA until 12:30. All in all it made for a long day, but it was a great time. As usual, the miniatures events were well presented (as you can see in the pics below), I got my hands on a copy of the 2nd Ed. Supersystem rules and got to chew the fat with the creator, and as a group we all bought into a new horror-themed skirmish game - Spinespur. Too be more accurate, the rest of the group bought into it, I just picked up the book with the hopes of using my existing figure collection to play it.