Friday, August 31, 2012

So much for equilibrium

With the release of the new 40K boxed set, as well as picking up an extra set of the bikes from a friend, my total number of new miniatures obtained this year has now skyrocketed to a level that painting an equivalent number of figures is all but impossible.

Prior to these purchases, with a pile of 15mm WWII Germans and a dozen Steampunk Arachnids to paint, reaching equilibrium was still an attainable goal.  And though I had been certain of my ability to resist yet another 40K starter set, once I saw how spectacular the models looked my resolve wavered.  When I became nostalgic of my very first 40K army, Dark Angels, and the only 40K army I ever completely painted, Ravenwing, I was completely lost.

Of course I'm still committed to the painting queue listed to the right, so these figures are likely to sit around untouched until after the first of the year.  But nostalgia, limited edition, and a seeming great deal is the perfect recipe for prompting irrational purchases.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

4th Quarter Painting Plans

With GenCon behind me, a boatload of new miniatures in my collection, and a slew of projects about my head, I've decided it's time to sack up for this last quarter (really a quarter plus one month) and try to dramatically raise that painted tally.  While it's exceedingly unlikely that I'll be able to balance out my "purchased" and "painted" totals, I sure as heck intend to get as close as possible.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Finished Misaki from Malifaux

GenCon Loot

A small picture dump from GenCon will follow shortly, but I wanted to first toss up a quick picture of the haul from this year's convention.  Whereas I anticipated this to be a relatively light purchase year, especially given all of the models that Wyrd ultimately wasn't going to have with them, I kept running across items that I had forgotten or didn't know had been released.  As this happened in dribs and drabs throughout my four days there I was somewhat shocked when I pulled it all together upon returning home!